Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) EU 2016/97

This page looks at the implementation of Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) in Gibraltar. The IDD sets out requirements with regards to taking-up and pursuing the distribution of insurance and reinsurance products in the European Union and therefore affects both Insurance and reinsurance intermediaries.  

On 20 December 2017, the European Commission proposed to push back the application date of the insurance distribution directive (IDD) by seven months to 1 October 2018.

Implementation of requirements

The Directive brings renewed focus on some key risks in the insurance distribution process and firms will need to make an assessment of improvements needed to meet these requirements.  The Directive focuses on (amongst other requirements):

• Knowledge and competence criteria;  

• Corporate governance; 

• How firms will be improving conduct of business requirements; and

• Specific rules on insurance based investment products such as product governance.

Next stages

1. The GFSC has written to all affected firms to gather some key information on being prepared for the directive and the impact it will have.

2. A seminar will be set up in November to discuss the key issues and implementation with the industry. More details on this to follow.

3. A working group has been set up specifically for IDD. For further information please contact the Gibraltar Insurance Association.


Any updates will be made available via our website and social media.  


You can find a great deal of further information by following this link to the European Union Law.

You can read the insurance distribution legislation by clicking on this link to the European Union Law.

There is further information on Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products (PRIIPs) here. 


IDD GFSC Webinar

On the 4th September the GFSC held a Webinar on IDD which can be viewed on the following link : Watch Webinar

 You may download a copy of the presentation from the following link : IDD Presentation Slides